Dear Hawaii Manufactures

Our Mission



Simple Company is a distributor of Hawaii foods in Japan based in Tokyo. Not only distribution of finished products, but we import ingredients from Hawaii and manufacture in Japan as well. We also look at exporting Hawaii themed products to other Asian countries from Japan.

We participate in various food shows in Japan such as Foodex, Fabex, IFIA and Tokyo International Gift show to represent Hawaii brands. Speaking of the direct promotion to the general consuming public, we also take part in a number of Hawaii fairs that are held all over Japan.

Hawaii is such a popular destination for the Japanese. It is very difficult to find somebody who dislikes Hawaii. However, not many people understand what the reality is in Hawaii.

Continuously increasing rent fee, labor cost, delivery fee and shipping cost… Hawaii manufactures we work with are struggling with this severe situation. The real Hawaii foods can’t be that cheap, but Japanese people don’t know the fact and keep buying souvenirs in Hawaii that are made in some different countries.

We don’t just sell products but wish to convey the real story to customers, to educate them and to deliver quality products with respect to those who appreciate the value. If you are interested in the Japanese market, feel free to contact us at
We would love to visit your office, factory or farm anywhere in Hawaii on our next trip! In the near future, we look forward to meeting you in person. 

Big Mahalo!

Simple Company Inc.